Past Bread & Roses Labor Awards Winners

Bread and Roses

Woman of the Year - Marie Hill Woman of the Year - Daughter of Mother Jones
Man of the Year - Jim RobertsonMan of the Year - Jackie Stump
1991 1992
Woman of the Year - Margaret LacyWoman of the Year - Frances Lowe, Retired VIP Director VA State AFL-CIO
Man of the Year - Jim McCullochMan of the Year - Julian Carper, Retired President  & Brewster Snow Retired Secretray-Treasurer Virginia State AFL-CIO
Profiles in Courage - Granger McFarlaneProfiles in Courage - State Senator Yvonne Miller
Woman of the Year - Alma Lee Dinner Cancelled Due to Bad Weather
Man of the Year - Frederick Gerald "Bud" Wright 
Profiles in Courage - Congressman Jim Olin, 6th US Virginia District
Woman of the Year - Virginia DiamondWoman of the Year - Pauline Huffman
Man of the Year - Frank RothweilerMan of the Year - Gene Moser
Profiles in Courage - Don ByerProfiles in Courage - Richard Cranwell
Woman of the Year - Mary GardnerWoman of the Year - Nell Short
Man of the Year - Walter WiseMan of the Year - David Layman
Profiles in Courage - Leslie Bryne Profiles in Courage - Linda Wyatt
1999 2000
Woman of the Year - Dianne Smith, CLUW State Vice PresidentWoman of the Year - Doris Crouse-Mays, Field Director Dept. Field Mobilization AFL-CIO
Man of the Year - James R. Leaman, Secretary-Treasurer VA AFL-CIOMan of the Year - Jim Wright, Business Rep. Carp. & MW's Local #319
Profiles in Courage - State Senator John EdwardsProfiles in Courage - State Delegate Richard Cranwell
2001 2002
Woman of the Year - Gloria JohnsonWoman of the Year - Teresa Dianne Altic, RN with AFGE 1739
Man of the Year - Rick HowardMan of the Year - Harry Dull, Pres. Shendandoah Valley CLC
Profiles in Courage - Charles RobbProfiles in Courage - State Delegate Clifton A. "Chip" Woodrum
Woman of the Year - Joyce Jones, IUE-CWA 161Woman of the Year - Jeion Ward
Man of the Year - Daniel G. LeBlanc, President VA State AFL-CIO
Man of the Year - Jim Robertson
Profiles in Courage - Malfound "Bo" TrumboProfiles in Courage - Mark Warner
Woman of the Year - Phyllis Butterworth, Secretary-Treasurer IAM 2533Woman of the Year - Deborah Kessler
Man of the Year - Mike Mays, Business Representative SMART 100Man of the Year - Roy Rogers
Profiles in Courage - Lt. Gov. of Virginia Tim KaineProfiles in Courage - Creigh Deeds
Woman of the Year - Cindy Arrington, President IUE-CWA 82161Woman of the Year - Sherry Heck, President IUW-CWA 82167
Man of the Year - Gary Kendall, AttorneyMan of the Year - Mike Amos, President USW 1023
Profiles in Courage - State Delegate Jeion WardProfiles in Courage - State Senator Jim Webb
Woman of the Year - Linda Henderson, IAM 2531Woman of the Year - Judy Sibley, IUE-CWA 82161
Man of the Year - Dean Lugarm,  IUE-CWA-82162Man of the Year - Thomas Miller, IBEW 26
Profiles in Courage - Congressman Tom PerriloProfiles in Courage - State Delegate Ward Armstrong
2011 2012
Woman of the Year - Margie Brotherton, APWU 482Woman of the Year - Wanda Anderson, UAW 2069 Trustee
Man of the Year - Chuck Simpson, President CWA 2204 Man of the Year - Dale Bare, USW 1023
Profiles in Courage - State Delegate Roscoe ReynoldsProfiles in Courage - Retired State Delegate Jim Shular
2013 2014
Woman of the Year - Julie Hunter, Communications Director VA State AFL-CIOWoman of the Year - Naomi Bolden, Area Vice Pres. CWA 2204
Man of the Year - Dan Duncan, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Maritime Trades Division AFL-CIOMan of the Year - Cliff Carlton, Retired USW 1023
Profiles in Courage - Virginia Diamond, Special Advisor, UAWProfiles in Courage - Mark Herring, State Attorney General
 2015 2016
Woman of the Year - Tina Campbell, President Western Virginia CLUWWoman of the Year - Earleen Miller, UAW 2069
Man of the Year - Mike Spraker, UAW 2069Man of the Year - Tim Gibson, Business Agent, SMART 100
Profiles in Courage - State Delegate Sam Rasoul
Profiles in Courage - Kim Adkins, Executive Director Roanoke Area United Way
Dinner Cancelled Due to Econimic IssueWoman of the Year - Gina Maglionic
Man of the Year - Manuel Dotson
Profiles in Courage - State Delegate, Chris Hurst
Woman of the Year - Kristy L. Vance, UFCW 400Dinner Cancelled Due to Covid
Man of the Year - Sam Penn, Sr., USW District 8 Representative
Profiles in Courage - John Edwards
2021 2022
Woman of the Year - Deborah Casey, Retired CWA 2204Woman of the Year - Delta Williams, USW 831
Man of the Year - Christopher Via, UAW 2069Man of the Year - Steve Meador, Representative UFCW 400

Profiles in Courage - UMWA "Freedom Fighters"


Woman of the Year - Doris Akers, Retired UAW 2069

Man of the Year - Mark Snell-Cook, Retired APWU 262

Profiles in Courage - State Senator John Edwards

Profiles in Courage - Starbucks Bridges Union


Woman of the Year - Nona Hall, NALC 524

Man of the Year - Gene Magruder, Retired USW 8888

Profiles in Courage - United Campus Workers of Virginia Tech