Women's Mach 2020

So VULNERABILITY admission time: For awhile we have decided to focus on the General Assembly and MARCHING to RICHMOND during this January. The first opportunity is the BUS from Roanoke to RIchmond for GUN REFORM on Monday, 1/20/2020 MLK DAY. If you support GUN REFORM, get on the bus! Message us, this is an important day to tell our legislators, it's time to get the job DONE. This is a deeply feminist issue. For every 1% decrease in gun ownership in a state, there's a corresponding 1% dec in the state's femicide rate. Furthermore, in response to the first Women's March in Roanoke, a gun extremist threatened to bring his gun and Trump hat to future events. His gun powered threats were an attempt to silence women. Gun reform is about valuing women's lives, voices and autonomy!

Now, here's the vulnerability part: we have struggled with how to publicly invite our fellow feminists to join us on the gun reform bus because of the high likelihood the post would result in bullying and trolling by gun enthusiasts. If you are a gun extremist or enthusiast who wants to troll us, to silence us, you are not invited. You have your own buses, get on those. Do not share our post, do not troll us, if you do, you merely make the case stronger that people who love guns are bullies. You make the case for MORE gun control with your behavior. Your bullying is backfiring on you, STOP, LEAVE US IN PEACE to advocate for GUN REFORM. Now, to our friends and feminists, LET'S GO, FIGHT FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS TO LIVE FREE OF GUN BULLYING AND GUN SILENCING, message the page to get a seat on the 1/20/2020 GUN REFORM BUS.