Support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has dropped even lower among union members. Support for Trump among members of AFL-CIO-affiliated unions stood at 33 percent in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the five battleground states the group was targeting. That was a decrease from September.

Organized labor launched the final phase of its political battle plan to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, announcing Thursday a new video from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and a door-to-door blitz aimed at getting union members in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Nevada to the polls to vote for the Democratic nominee.

Seifullah is a state field director for Working America, the organizing arm of the AFL-CIO made up of non-union members. His goal tonight is to convince supporters of Hillary Clinton and Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Katie McGinty’s to go out and vote. Thousands of other canvassers in battleground states are doing the same thing for Clinton and their state's down-ballot candidates.

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Join other working people in your community to talk to voters about the important choices we face in this election and why we need to defeat Donald Trump and other candidates who have a record of turning their backs on working families.

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Oct. 11

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Nov. 1

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The union-endorsed candidates who will advocate for working families in Pennsylvania.

U.S. Senate

Kate McGinty (D)

U.S. House of Representatives

PA-01 Bob Brady (D)
PA-02 Dwight Evans (D)
PA-05 Kerith Strano Taylor (D)
PA-06 Mike Parrish (D)
PA-07 Mary Ellen Balchunis (D)
PA-08 Steve Santarsiero (D)
PA-11 Mike Marsicano (D)
PA-12 Erin McClelland (D)
PA-13 Brendan Boyle (D)
PA-14 Mike Doyle (D)
PA-15 Rick Daugherty (D)
PA-16 Christina Hartman (D)
PA-17 Matt Cartwright (D)
PA-18 Tim Murphy (R)

“Women are more activist than men,” said AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, “and understand that Clinton supports collective bargaining, raising the minimum wage and paid time off for illness and family care.” This year the AFL-CIO is targeting women as an individual voting group for the first time in a presidential race. Earlier this month 15,000 women, three times as many as expected, joined a conference call Shuler led to discuss strategies for convincing coworkers and relatives to vote for Clinton.

The labor community is rallying around Hillary Clinton following her nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate. The AFL-CIO will begin campaigning for Clinton in full force this weekend with a series of events in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri and Nevada. “Working people are unified behind Hillary Clinton and are ready to defeat Donald Trump in November,” the AFL-CIO said Friday.

As union officials convene at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the president of the largest umbrella labor group in the United States is bracing for a battle against a Republican nominee who is making a direct appeal to union members.

Working Pennsylvanians are hurting. Families haven’t fully recovered from the recession, and a majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck. For union households, this upcoming election is one of the most important in our lifetime. We will have a choice to select someone who will stand with us to fight for good jobs here in our country, support union workers, and oppose trade deals that shortchange Americans.