Organized labor groups including the heavily immigrant Culinary Union are in the thick of an aggressive get-out-the-vote campaign that’s contributing to Democrats’ early voting turnout lead in Nevada, and raising alarms for down-ticket Republicans. The union’s work so far this cycle included ensuring 34,000 of its members are registered to vote, reassigning 150 of its members to full-time political work and leading a ground operation that’s knocked on more than 200,000 doors.

The 57,000-member Culinary Union, which is 56% Latino and includes guest room attendants, is a powerful supporter of Nevada Democrats.

Support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has dropped even lower among union members. Support for Trump among members of AFL-CIO-affiliated unions stood at 33 percent in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the five battleground states the group was targeting. That was a decrease from September.

Organized labor launched the final phase of its political battle plan to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, announcing Thursday a new video from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and a door-to-door blitz aimed at getting union members in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Nevada to the polls to vote for the Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton has inched ahead in battleground Nevada polls not just because of what she’s done, but because of whom Republican Donald Trump has offended: the people who work at his signature hotel in Las Vegas and others like it on the Strip.

The AFL-CIO voter outreach ground game in Nevada plans to contact 100,000 households in the state during the next couple of weeks. The umbrella group for labor unions is supporting Hillary Clinton in the presidential race and Democratic candidate Catherine Cortez Masto in the U.S. Senate race for the seat held by the retiring Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“More than 600 volunteers from California came to Southern Nevada to knock on doors this weekend in two separate events involving the Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO. The efforts have about 300 volunteers apiece. Combined, they’ll knock on about 66,000 doors, encouraging people to vote early.

The AFL-CIO is launching a campaign blitz this week targeting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and GOP Rep. Joe Heck, running for Nevada’s open U.S. Senate seat. The labor federation is sending three mailers to more than 20,000 union households in Nevada.

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The union-endorsed candidates who will advocate for working families in Nevada.

U.S. Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto (D)

U.S. House of Representatives

NV-01 Dina Titus (D)
NV-02 Chip Evans (D)
NV-03 Jacklyn Rosen (D)
NV-04 Ruben Kihuen (D)